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Subscribe to and observe award-winning composer/producer/engineer Gary Gray mixing and mastering pro sessions in real time -- in detail, while listening to PRISTINE AUDIO utilizing the latest technology created for the Hollywood Film Industry. Watch Gary mix and master for corporate clients including major TV networks, CBS Daytime Television, Disney, 20th Century Fox and Netflix, as well as signed Artists, unsigned Indie Musicians and his own original material! 


Stream pristine, high-quality audio from Gary's sessions straight to your studio monitors. It's like being there in the studio!


Watch over Gary's shoulder as he produces, mixes and masters tracks for clients, from independent musicians to major corporations.


Get the answers to your production and engineering questions from an award-winning composer/producer!

STARTING IN JANUARY 2023 - Q&A at the end of each FlyOnTheWallApprentice Session!

Ever wish you could look over the shoulder of a pro mixer in action?

Recording Studio
Sound equipment
Music Studio
Mixing Music
Mixing Station

A Revolutionary Life-Changing Approach to Better Mixing for Anyone at Any Level

From Gary Gray's Home Studio To Yours



“Gary, after observing you mixing and mastering a pro session REMOTELY in real-time, I have no words to describe how much I've learned."

Advanced Services

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